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be prepared Nov 03, 2022

• Oct 19th 2021 • 

2022... Covid... Hope you all survived this madness...
A lot of countries are back open for business, therefore I’m getting back in touch with you.  

We are re-connecting with companies, business owners, investors and universities,
to find out how we can re-start organizing “Live” workshops and trainings. 

Please find a resumé of the content I would share with you and/or your participants - audience - students.  

How could it be that 80% of all professionals have little knowledge about Non-Verbal Communication?
Did you know that mastering 95% of Non-Verbal Communication can give you an additional global language, yielding amazing results?

When attending the workshops and seminars, you will be able to: 

  • Feel confident in front of a camera or during an interview
    • See what’s never being said, in meetings, in business & sales
    • Raise your self-confidence
    • Understand clearly what...
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