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You can become the difference this world needs the most by discovering the secrets, knowledge and benefits of Body Language. Don't miss out on this opportunity! 


To enable you as a trainee to discover and practice Body Language through a profound certified training, to train trainers, companies and/or individuals in the future towards awareness by applying Body Language, yielding amazing results. You will improve your professional & personal life and get your business anatomy degree, transform and breakthrough!

After the training, you will: 
• See what’s never being said, in meetings, sales…
• Raise your self-confidence and negotiate on a higher level
• Understand clearly what is meant by what people say
• Discover a lie vs. the truth
• Pull people towards you instead of pushing them away
• Increase results with +60% 

• You will experience an amazing 2 days full of techniques, insights and exercises, immediately applicable with immediate results.
• You will be able to: 
   - Train, share and deliver to new clients.
   - Deliver in-company trainings and speak from stage.
   - Train Trainers towards Certified Trainers.
   - Start your own career in the Body Language Industry.
• Each training has a specific goal and outcome.


• Location and date: to be defined
• Included in the training are: 
   - Your personalized workbook
   - Your personalized Body Language Master Trainer Certificate.
   - A Free copy of René's latest  book: "The Ultimate Guide to Body Language" - "How to master the most powerful language on the planet" 
• 3 Days individual Training: Request an offer
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