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Are you the Executive who is constantly creating and reviewing goals for the company?
The more organized the better the results, wouldn't you agree? 


The business executive occupation covers many jobs. Executives are in charge of their organization. They create and review goals for the company. They work closely with a team of upper-level staff or assistants. This team may make both long- and short-range plans to achieve these goals. Once the plans are set, executives make sure the company follows the changes.

There is a pattern that contains a way, a journey, that will show you how to be more organized, that will create a sharp mindset from morning till evening and make you almost unbeatable with high-end results!
• Know where you are
• Create an effective businessplan
• Constant Strategic Innovation on your: 
   - Branding
   - Marketing
   - Sales Management systems
   - Financials
   - Optimization
• Learn how to create a culture! 
For the last 27 years, René delivered several seminars in +43 countries, for Neoma Business School Paris, Hamayesh Farazan in Iran, PanPho Bangkok Thailand, Success Resources London, Singapore and Australia, Amity University Delhi India, Brooks University Oxford, the Brussels University, and Companies from all over the planet. They all discovered and achieved new levels of success! Feel free to have a look at René's Portfolio: , Gallery: or Testimonials:

René will guide you to apply the learned techniques and go through the process of installing momentum for long-lasting results.

Although you're convinced you're already doing a great job, it can always get better, wouldn't you agree? René firmly believes that it's his duty to pass this knowledge on to someone who is hungry enough to experience the same! 
If this is you, René can hardly wait to guide you on your new journey.


• Location and date: to be defined
• You will receive: 
   - A Workbook.
   - Personal 1 on 1 offline and online guidance.
   - A minimum of 2 x 1 hour accountability sessions a week. 

   - Personalized assignments to grow your role as an Executive.
   - A Free copy of my latest book: "The Ultimate Guide to Body Language" - How to master the most powerful language on this planet.
   - Introduction sessions with powerful leaders in your industry in order for you to grow your network even more.  
• 24 weeks or 6 months, 1 on 1 Executive coaching, 48 sessions: $ 40,320 USD or
• 48 weeks or 1 year, 1 on 1  Mentorship, 96 sessions: $ 64,500.00 USD

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