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Who is The Hart Academy?

At the heart and soul of The Hart Academy are Chrissy, Catherine and René. All 3 are influencers, mentors and experts in their respective fields.

They have come together to share their knowledge to fellow influencers who are ready to accelerate their performance to reach the top echelon of their professions!

Catherine's knowledge and focus is working with you to strategically set up strong foundations and performance goals in order to reach the top of your business sector!
René's knowledge and strength is to set the framework for your presentation skills and body language, to consistently demonstrate your presence and knowledge in your field of expertise.
Chrissy's expertise is to work with you to create a publicity program with the right formula that will ensure you will be seen as a key influencer in media, magazines, podcasts, books etc...

Why would you choose The Hart Academy?

Are you disappointed and frustrated paying for courses without getting the results you are after? Is something holding you back from success?

At The Hart Academy we will proactively engage with you to release you from the binds that are holding you back. We will help you find your motivation to reach your personal and professional goals. 

Would you like to be surrounded by a likeminded community that you can network with, share resources and be supported in your success?

We know how you may feel, we felt the same way, until we found out the solution, therefore:

We at The Hart Academy understand why it is so important to have access to the right resources, knowledge and be able to create a full commitment to success and get your message into the world.

What is The Hart Academy?

The Hart Academy works with key influencers globally, to create noise and attention to their causes, to be noticed, to challenge convention and to make big, bold changes in the world! 

We work with key teams and individuals to create and design a 3-step process that’s sets a benchmark, creates goals and then delivers into their chosen field of expertise.

The team from the HART academy will be with you from inception through completion and beyond.

Our program allows you to work at your own pace, and you will be motivated, coached, and reviewed to ensure that your progress stays on target.

With goal focused mentors you will be delighted with your OWN personal results!


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What do people say about...

Catherine Molloy

Karen Tok - Singapore

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Start-Up Mentor, Personal Transformation Enthusiast, Boundary Breaker.

Catherine Molloy is an excellent speaker coach, sales and leadership trainer. She, is contagious! She made speaking on stage so much fun, and made us believe that we too could be like her someday! She is perceptive & gives constructive feedbacks on our presentation. Love her energy!

Steve Diggs, CSP, Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Author - Nashville, USA

Leadership Execution Expert...Inspiring & Equipping Leaders and Teams.

As we say in America, Catherine Molloy "blew the doors off" at the National Conference this year! WOW...what a presentation. She was amazingly well versed on her topic...and wonderfully articulate. It's rare to see such a perfect blend of content and communication skills. I would recommend Catherine to any professional group looking for something truly unique and special.

Sue Lindsay - Auckland, New Zealand

Strategic Finance Consultant and Career Coach at Linz Enterprises Ltd

I recently attended one of Catherine’s workshops on Influence and Persuasion and it was one of the best courses I’ve been on. Catherine’s presentation style is warm and engaging, and the best part of the day was learning about non verbal language and how to effectively communicate to different behavioural styles. Now I enjoy turning down the volume of the television when the news is on and watching the body language of the politicians. And work meetings become much more interesting when I not only pay more attention to the body language of others, but also adjust my own body language to influence the outcomes. Thanks Catherine for an awesome day.

René Deceuninck

Hi René, I am so glad that I decided to take your two day Body Language course, it was like learning a new language, one that speaks to me without people knowing what they are saying. As a therapist it is such a valuable tool in understanding how people are really feeling. It has made me aware of my own body language especially when dealing with companies. I loved the way you made it real by connecting the stories to your teaching. You created a wonderful atmosphere will certainly be recommending the course to others.
~ Wendi Mclean – Ashwellthorpe – United Kingdom ~

To me it was a great experience how Body Language works in all human being. I got very much interested once I attended René Deceuninck’s Body Language workshop in Tehran. Now I pay more attention to it, once I need to understand the real outcome of discussions, meetings & even in my personal life. If you want to get your head clear about issues, challenges in your professional and personal life, where you need the answer, to chill or to move, you need to learn it, and do learn it well, René is the right person!
~ Dr. B. Fattahi – Tehran – Iran ~

Body language is very important and I recommend this program for leaders and businessmen on any level. I learned a lot from René! It’s really useful for me to understand the patterns of individuals in different situations whether it’s in business, different professions, negotiations, however, in our daily routines as well where we all use verbal and non-verbal language to communicate with others.
~ Rommayakorn Suvisit – CEO at Pan Pho Co. Ltd – Bangkok – Thailand ~ 

Chrissy Tasker

It has been a great pleasure working with Chrissy. I cherished these days of writing, and the book getting incubated in your publishing lab TWISB Publishing and enjoyed the process till it's finality as a beautiful book and was thrilled that it became #1 BestSeller in Amazon on Day one. I will always remember fondly as this is the book that gave me the title of a published Author, beautifully scale-up of life, and my heartfelt gratitude that you and TWISB participated with me to make it happen. This whole process make me look at branding in a totally new perspective. Thank you, Chrissy, and TWISB
~ Capt. Deepa Kuruvilla – India – Founding Partner of a Legal Consultant in India. ~ 

Chrissy is a professional of high repute reflecting grit and commitment in every endeavor she takes up. I was one of the privileged co-authors of her first collaborative book "Garden of Hope" as Founder & CEO of TWISB Publishing. At each stage Branding Strategies is carefully consider from collecting our stories, acknowledging them with genuine and heartfelt responses, weaving them together into a masterpiece of inspiration, we witnessed her passion and compassion to deliver a product that is strong on content and creativity. Chrissy personifies warmth, strategy, and resilience. Wishing Chrissy & TWISB Publishing many more successful books enlightening the readers now and always.
~ Rajat Soni – India – Tee-Life & Parenting Coach /Author Founder - Rajat Soni Academy ~ 

It has been a great joy working with Chrissy. She had made things so easy and smooth for me because of her commitment, dedication, and professionalism. She walked through with me how I can discover more about myself, to help me discover what I stand for and how to convey my personality across clearly.
~ Keziah Wong - Singapore – Financial Consultant at Finexis Advisory ~

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