Why would you work with René?

You will get empowered with new skills to read thoughts before one word is spoken, in meetings, in sales, and in everyday situations. As a result of this competitive edge, you’ll optimize your performance, both personal & professional.

René want to know his audience. He is curious about who he will be speaking to, therefore, his presentations are tailored to your expectations. René will always be asking the attendees’ roles, ages, education, and expected outcomes. René is interactive and doesn’t speak at his audience, he speaks with them. 

René brings 25 years of experience into his talks with powerful and carefully constructed messages. He cares deeply about the outcome for you and the participants.

The presentations are clear, clean and have a high quality of sound, which will keep the audience engaged and interactive.

He knows his content and delivers. After all, that’s why you’re really want to work with René. You can find a track record of providing great content through previous customer testimonials and online publications.

EN : All lectures and training sessions can be delivered in English, Dutch or French 
FR : Toutes les conférences et formations peuvent être livrées en Anglais, Néerlandais ou Français

NL : Alle lezingen, trainingen kunnen worden verzorgd in het Engels, Nederlands of Frans

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