Success in Business & Body Language - Part #1

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

There are many ways of doing business in this world, just as there are many ways to bake a cake. Many years ago a man said, doing business is a piece of cake, so guess what, I went looking for a recipe for making chocolate cake and found a super tasty recipe. Ingredients: 1 cup self-raising flour, 2 eggs, ½ cup of milk, 3 ounces of margarine, 1 cup of sugar, 2 table spoons of coco and ½ teaspoon of vanilla. Directions: Sieve the flour, add all ingredients except the margarine, mix everything until smooth. Add the melted butter and mix again for 3 minutes. Place the mixture in a greased cake tin, let it bake for 35 minutes at 170 gr C. Q #1: Would you agree that if you would change 1 of the ingredients, you would change the outcome of the cake?

Q #2: Would you agree that if you would change 1 of the directions, you would change the outcome of the cake?

The answer is YES twice!

The recipe for running a Successful Business has different ingredients and directions as well. One of the ingredients is 55% of all communication and it’s indeed Body Language, 38% is intonation and only 7% is words!

Welcome and discover how to become and mind through body reader. We think that we know what we say, however, most of the time, we never see what’s being said! 

 Why Body Language?
 There are different types of communication and there are several types of Body language.

What they all have in common, is they both will be influenced by certain conditions.
These conditions will pull people towards you, or push them away from you.

 Imagine #1 : During a court hearing, the defendant is answering questions and gets a nervous feeling, anxiety, sweating hands, rubbing hands, and with one specific question, the defendant looks in the wrong direction. A correct rational and to the point body language analysis is not a luxury during a case hearing, on the contrary, an absolute must.

 Imagine #2 : Getting up in the morning, you’re late and you have to run to the nearest subway or tube station.
Arriving at the office, you first have to listen to a lecture why you’re late and what the consequences are.
The levels of energy and body language expressions are set for the rest of the day.

Sometimes words that can’t be pulled back you have communicated and you’re shocked.

The tone and intonation will influence your body language and the other way around.

When you're making a decision, it can be a rational or emotional decision, based on conscious signals or a subconscious reality, note that particular signals or realities will influence your Body Language.

Your Verbal and Non-Verbal communication will influence the conscious and subconscious mind of the other person and will decide the quality and results of any further communications, conversations or actions and results.

Who can benefit from this knowledge? Actually everybody! • Business area: Business Owners, Investors, CEOs, Managers, Sales

• Academic and Professional area:
 Politicians, Influencers, Public Speakers, Lawyers, Judges, Police, HR, Teachers, Professors, Psychologists

• Personal area: Partners, Kids, Family & Friends

Remember: #1 The recipe for a Successful Business contains ingredients and directions, if you change 1 ingredient or 1 direction, you will actually change the outcome of the recipe of the Success you are building. #2 Communication is 55% Body Language, 38% Intonation and only 7% words. I’m looking forward to sharing Success in Business & Body Language – Part #2 with you, meanwhile, stay blessed and see what's never being said!

René Deceuninck

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