Success in Business & Body Language – Part #3

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Welcome to part 3 of Success in Business and Body Language. It is truly an honor to serve and share this valuable information with you. From this blog forward, I will share information in a structure that is easy to remember. Neuro Science: An amazing communication and analysis can be done in different ways. A very good way is by discovering one's character by asking open questions.

The 6 “W’s” and “H”, Why, Who, When, Where, Which, What and How. That way you will discover if someone is extrovert or introvert, emotional or rational, a solo player or team player, and how you can access in the world of an individual and talk the “Same Language”.

Why Questions? 
 The answer will give you a story with a lot of information you can work with. The other person will do the talking and that might generate an amount of significance. You will find out congruency or non-congruency between the verbal & non-verbal (discover a lie).
 You will find out how to create rapport, level and communicate on the same frequency.
 You will gain time for your next question and finally wrap up. The answer to your last question, concerning taking a decision, will be much more positive.

Reading Body Language:

Open hands show that you are open and honest. It also shows that you can be vulnerable. This is usually unconsciously. With open hands you get the attention and people feel that you are generous and receive them with open hands. Very often people ask questions faster and they are not reflecting on all the questions that have nothing to do with the conversation. They trust you as an equal. The interview can be thoroughly conducted on the subject in this way.

Hands whose palm is pointing downwards is rather arrogant and very dominant. Have you ever had someone give you a comment in this way? It feels like an attack on you as a person and you feel pushed away rather than attracted. It can happen in a very commanding way. People who apply this act are usually very insecure. They have to, as they say, emphasize the word by turning their hands down. Be careful, in some situations this authoritarian act may be absolutely necessary. This is a common gesture in the world of political debates, the army and the police.

Where the traditional world of thinking ends, we start! I’m looking forward to sharing Success in Business & Body Language – Part #4 with you, meanwhile, stay blessed and see what's never being said!

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