Success in Business & Body Language - Part #4

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

The 5 basic principles in analizing Body Language:


Analyzing body language is a combination of various signals, micro-expressions, postures and gestures. Look for minimum 4 to 5 signals in order to compile a basic analysis.


What happens on the inside, you see on the outside. Good or bad feelings, thoughts, actions, etc…

Remember: If you never lie, you never have to think, because the body never lies.


The context has an influence on someone's Body Language, cold or hot weather, very tasty or average food, good or bad news, also according to the individual needs, thoughts and feelings at that specific moment.


Look for changes. Analyzing body language is based on observing and absorbing different signals and parameters. During a conversation, signals can take a new turn. It is therefore very important to see these new signals.


Think about the culture, the majority of body language is the same all over the world, but there are cultures that give a diverse or completely different meaning to certain body language. When you are in another country, and you are not sure, ask the local people for the do's and don'ts

Reading Body Language: Holding hands together in the shape of a roof with the fingers slightly apart is a powerful form of self-confidence. When this person is in conversation, he/she knows what he or she are talking about and will immediately have an answer to every question or challenge and have an appropriate response. Many public speakers and political leaders take this hand-position, some of these speakers have been taught, some of them are natural. If it is not uttered naturally, you can quickly discover this "fake" posture through the combination of the verbal or spoken word and the micro-expressions. If you still want to adopt this attitude, do it very subtly and in a sensitive way.

In certain particular religions, in prayer, this position of the hands may be normal. In our daily dealings, meetings, negotiations, tender talks, it is the best evidence that the person radiates a certain kind of stress and anxiety. When the fingers are intertwined you will discover that the hands usually sweat.

Remember: - The 5 basic principles. #1 Multiple signals, #2 The body never lies, #3 The context has an influence, #4 Look for changes #5 Think about the culture. - The 2 hand gestures: In either case, your attitude will influence the subconscious mind of the person or people you are communicating with. They will remember you as a person with confidence, someone who knows what he or she is doing, and trust will be higher than interacting with someone who has their fingers intertwined. The words used or the verbal communication is different in both cases.

I’m looking forward to sharing Success in Business & Body Language – Part #5 with you next week, meanwhile, stay blessed!

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