Success in Business & Body Language – Part #5

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

How does our Brain work? Your thoughts and imagination influence your feelings. Your feelings influence your Body Language. Your Body Language attract your thoughts. Would it make sense to you that “What you think is What you get”? Knowing that our thoughts and imagination is attracting, how does that work?

First and foremost, we must distinguish that the written word is based on grammar, the spoken word is based on grammar, the language for blind and deaf people is based on grammar. Body language is NOT based on grammar but on Feelings. Conscious feelings in the moment or subconscious feelings from the past. Just like a computer our brain consists of 2 parts, the hardware and the software, our brain consists of the conscious and subconscious mind. Consciousness works on the basis of what we experience in the moment, in the now. The 5 senses connected with the conscious experience are the taste, hearing, touch, smell and sight. Whenever you communicate with another person, their conscious mind will absorb your conscious communication and the other way around. The subconscious mind is the hard disk of the brain and works 24/7. When you go to sleep at night, do you wake up after 10 minutes and wonder if your heart is going to keep beating while you sleep? Or do you wonder if you're going to keep breathing while you sleep? Normally not, because you woke up in the morning for many years, right? We think it's perfectly normal and yet no one wonders how this works. Imagine for a moment, you have a conversation with another person. During this conversation you produce words with a certain energy at a certain frequency. We call this verbal communication. During this same conversation you will produce Body Language with a certain energy at a certain frequency. We call this non-verbal communication. 100% communication is 7% words, 38% intonation and 55% Body Language. The non-verbal communication contains Body Language and Intonation which is 93% of all communication!! During the conscious exchange of verbal communication in the moment, we transfer 40 bits of data per second, however, during the exchange of non-verbal communication we produce 40 million bits of data per second through the subconscious. All the information will be processed in the brain of the other person and an answer will be produced based on the verbal and non-verbal received. That’s why it’s said that the outside world is a reflection of yourself. Besides the verbal and the non-verbal communication, we have the RAS or “Reticular Activating System”. Did you ever hear the quote, where focus goes, energy flows?

Let me give you an example, you have been thinking about buying a new car for quite some time. You make the decision and go to the car make/brand you prefer, for example a the "Volkswagen" dealership. You go through all the details, the financial part and the delivery date. When back on the road with your own car, strangely enough, you suddenly see “Volkswagens” everywhere!! Ever had a similar experience? It’s therefore very important to make a mind shift in your thinking. What you think about, is what you are getting, short term and long term. We also call it the law of attraction. Does it make sense now? Your thoughts and imagination influence your feelings. Your feelings influence your Body Language. Your Body Language attract your thoughts. “What you think is What you get”!

Body Language

In the movie industry, the red carpet is an environment where many people dream of. Although all these people on the red carpet look very nice, move very elegant and radiate an overflowing sense of trust and confidence, there is always that little bit of feeling of nervousness, therefore, many public speakers have rituals before going "on stage". Many celebrities are nervous before appearing on the red carpet, and when nervousness is present, people often do not know what to do with their hands and will touch their sleeve as a handhold/anchor to control the nervousness.

When we want to indicate something is OK in the Western culture, this is usually done by the thumb stabbing upward. Were you ever given the signal with the thumbs up? Something you did just fine. A performance above average. “Thumbs up” refer almost always to a positive thought.

Here you see that the fingers are crossed however with the thumbs up.

We have the same posture as in the above description, but with the thumbs turned inward in the palm of the hand. Here we are talking about the reverse signal, in other words, the thumbs suddenly disappearing in the palm of the hand is an indication of a negative thought, emotion or feeling.

Remind yourself to consider your thoughts, what you think is what you get!

Where the traditional world of thinking ends, we start!

I’m looking forward to sharing Success in Business & Body Language – Part #6 with you, meanwhile, stay blessed and see what's never being said!

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