See What's Never Being Said

About this Event:

There are different types of communication and there are several types of Body Language. What they all have in common, is they both will be influenced by certain conditions. These conditions will pull people towards you, or push them away from you.

Your Verbal and Non-Verbal communication will influence the conscious and subconscious mind of the other person and will also decide the quality and results of any further communications, conversations or actions and results.

After discovering the Secrets, Knowledge and Benefits of Body Language, you will:
#1 See what’s never being said, in meetings, in business, in sales and Increase your business results with 20% to 30%.
#2 Raise your self-confidence and pull people towards you instead of pushing them away.
#3 Understand clearly what is meant by what people say and immediately discover a lie vs. the truth.

Looking fwd to share and deliver... DON'T MISS OUT !!!


€ 695 Early Bird (April 1-20)             (£ 597 GBP)
€ 745 Standard (April 21 - May 11)   (£ 637 GBP)
€ 795 Just in Time (May 12-19)         (£ 697 GBP)

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Body Language... See What's Never Being Said!