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The “Winning Negotiation Strategies” training is essential for professionals who want to develop and enhance their skills, strategy techniques and behaviors to achieve an improvement in desirable outcomes both in sales and business growth.


To enable trainees to discover and practice Winning Negotiating Strategies through a profound certified training.

• The course is made for anyone within an organization who may find themselves in a position where they are influencing a final agreement.
• This course will look at the core aspects of negotiation and introduce the skills needed at each phase to help you prepare and plan.
• It will highlight the ‘tradable variables’ to consider in situations as diverse as contract negotiation or staff conflict and cement the understanding of cost versus value.

At the end of the course participants will be able to: 

• Plan for negotiation situations
• Steer negotiation conversations with a more considered approach
• Consider perceived value to ensure win-win rather than cut costs and profit
• Recognize the most effective techniques to build rapport with individuals
• Be more persuasive and influential
• Identify and choose different negotiation styles to adapt to the situation
• Deal with pressure and handle conflict
• Gain agreement and buy-in


• Location and date: to be defined
• Each trainee will receive: 
   - A Workbook
   - A personalized Winning Negotiating Strategies Certificate. 
• 2 Days In-Company Training: $ 7,500.00 USD
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