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Certified Body Language Trainer

Procrastinate and Self-Sabotage yourself to Success!
Does that make sense?
Of course it doesn't, however, that's what the majority of our society is suffering from, wouldn't you agree? 

You can become the difference this world needs the most by discovering the secrets, knowledge and benefits of Body Language. Don't miss out
on this opportunity! 

1 – General Objective:

Can you imagine what would happen if you would connect High-End Business Mastery Principles with Verbal and Non-Verbal communication science? Your results would raise levels you never would have dreamed
of before.

For the last 28 years, René delivered several seminars for Neoma Business School Paris, Hamayesh Farazan in Iran, PanPho Bangkok Thailand, Success Resources London, Singapore and Australia, Amity University Delhi India, Brooks University Oxford, the Brussels University, and Companies from all over the planet. They all discovered and achieved new levels of success! Feel free to have a look at René's Portfolio:

René is looking forward to share those secrets with you! He firmly believes that it's his duty to pass this knowledge on to someone who is hungry enough to experience the same! If this is you, René can hardly wait to guide you on your new journey.

2 – Specific Objectives:

By discovering the secrets, knowledge and benefits you will:

• See what’s never being said, in meetings, sales and daily life.
• Raise your self-confidence and negotiate on a higher level.
• Understand clearly what is meant by what people say.
• Discover the congruency between the verbal and non-verbal.
• Discover a lie versus the truth in less than a minute.
• Pull people towards you instead of pushing them away.
• Combine High-End Business Mastery Principles with Verbal and Non-Verbal communication science.
• Increase results to your next level!
• You will be able to train, share and deliver to new clients,  deliver in-company trainings and speak from stage.

You will receive:
An amazing 2 days full of techniques, immediately applicable, with immediate results!
• A Virtual Workbook
• A Personalized Body Language Trainer Certificate for each participant

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