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Sarwar Khawaja FRSA - Multiple Award-Winning Sociopreneur - Entrepreneur and Philanthropist - Community Activist
London - United Kingdom

I first met René during his visit to London in 2016. It was a great time to share ideas and insights about living on a higher level of consciousness combined with Body Language. An interesting discussion arose about the importance of understanding these topics. During the years we collaborated in many ways at Oxford Business College and Brookes University Oxford.

Although Body Language is the oldest language on this planet and non-verbal communication represents +90% of all communication, 80% of the active population are untrained in this critical area. I recommend René and his book to understand Body Language in bite-sized chunks that you can apply on the spot for immediate results.

What do real-estate agents, lawyers, car sales, dating couples, public speakers, politicians, and people in most other professions fear for most? It’s being misunderstood and then being rejected. Communicating effectively, whether in writing, verbally, or physically with Body Language is key to success.

René is an expert in his trade - his dynamic, inspiring, energetic way of teaching makes learning Body Language fun. Mastering the knowledge of Body Language can take your business and personal relationships to a whole new level.

René’s training will show you the way to have better communication, stronger relationships, and even open up a higher level of consciousness through learning the secret knowledge of Body Language. This can help you to have specialized tools so you too can change lives all over the globe.



Rommayakorn Suvisit – Bangkok

Body language is very important and I recommend this program for leaders and businessmen on any level. I learned a lot from René! It’s really useful for me to understand the patterns of individuals in different situations whether it’s in business, different professions, negotiations, however, in our daily routines as well where we all use verbal and non-verbal language to communicate with others.

Rebecca Vilain – Sint-Jan-In-Eremo

I have already attended 2x coaching and body language trainings by René. He knows how to engage, inspire and motivate his audience. His training contains useful tips & tricks and practical examples. René is an expert in his profession and his enthusiasm is simply contagious!

Nadia Burman – Oostende

I spent years looking to start a business and get out of my box, stretch my comfort zone, enjoy entrepreneurship and follow my heart by helping others. After I followed the two-day training and René became my mentor, my life changed completely! The information and advice is always clear and understandable. I realized how little people know what body language is and what great results they can achieve with it, I am the best proof of it!

Lauren Blackwell – Norwich
United Kingdom

Such a fun course! Thank you René! I’m totally observing people now, it’s truly fascinating! René, you are a very dynamic guy, the course aside which was in itself eye opening, it was nice to just be in your presence. Very inspiring!

Nick Hems – Bath
United Kingdom

People generally underestimate the power of body language, so I was fascinated to understand more through a short course with René. His courses are engaging and very powerful, I learnt so much in a short space of time and René is certainly a leader at what he teaches. I appreciate his follow up also, and the fact he responds to messages moving forward. A great experience and one I will look to take further in the near future!

Guy Lippens – Antwerpen

Never to old to learn! Certified Body Language Trainer. Thanks to the fantastic trainer from The Oxford Institute of Body Language Rene Deceuninck!! Understanding and applying the most universal language: body language. Sometimes patients/clients do not dare to say something. Then if their body language says something different than their words, I can assist them better now.

Ingrid Kraft van Ermel – Middelburg
The Netherlands

Rene Deceuninck is my hero. He was not the start of a better tomorrow, it turned out to be a forever more magnificent after all. He gave me strength to embrace life and dreams. Because of him I finally love myself. It is okay to be green and red in a black turtle neck.

Flavia Powell – Norwich
United Kingdom

Thank you for a wonderful two day body language course Rene. I found it thoroughly enjoyable and empowering. As a therapist, I find it the most powerful way of communication. This course has not only taught me a lot of new things but it has also helped me raise awareness of my own body language when communicating with others. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend this course to everyone.

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Ann Vanassche – Torhout

René is excellent in different ways of coaching, not only on strategic points, but also in individual business-like topics. I saw his way of coaching turning into a mindset and a way of living. Need advice? Contact René!

Hari Ma – Bristol
United Kingdom

Thank you so much for all the gifts that are still coming through from the workshop, I'm really very grateful that you came along, shared your knowledge and generous presence.
Much love, Hari Ma

Sonal Gohel – Coventry
United Kingdom

I enjoyed the fact that it was a smaller intimate group as I feel like when it’s a huge group I feel a bit lost. Some people love a big group but this was good for me. I had a great day, learnt so much & feel feel very humbled by your hospitality & teachings. I would definitely recommend your workshops to friends & family. Thank you so much.

Nancy Bruwier – Houthulst

In a casual way, in a relaxed atmosphere, discovering the challenge and confrontation with yourself and just get that “push” to get back on track & find what I lost. Yes, I can! 2014 “The year of change” started for me at this very moment. Thank you René!

Ricardo Mendoza – Founder & CEO at “Resultados Maximos international” - Porto - Portugal 

We at RM international, we are experienced and extremely focused on results delivering in the last decade on more than 1000 companies, 32 countries and 300.000+ persons. As an athlete and coach of high competition with several titles, I was based on my professional career in the area of sports and as a team manager of one of the largest gyms networks, later complemented my training in the field of development where, in addition to numerous training and events, I worked directly with the best in the world.

Hi, I’m Ricardo Mendoza and I met René at an event in Brussels in 2014. During the following years we collaborated in many ways and I was honored to have René in Porto during one of my live events in 2017. It is during that particular event that René released a lot of secrets and knowledge about an incredibly underrated and underestimated language called body language. All participants were super impressed and inspired by the energy, fun and especially the content. René has added great value here in Portugal.

Yadira Gonzalez Muñoz – Temse

Very happy to have completed the Body Language Trainer cursus. René Deceuninck is an excellent mentor. Learning from Rene is easy, understandable and it is impressive all we can learn in 2 days. What does our body say when we don't speak...or both!! Mission accomplished!! Watch out...I can read you now, better than before.

Freek Slapak – Helden
The Netherlands

Last weekend I attended a seminar from René. During the weekend I improved my non-verbal communication and became more aware of my own body language. I gained a lot of helpful insights and I’m really satisfied with the improvements made. The skills and abilities to read body language are powerful and will help me in the rest of my career. Besides that, René is a great person to work with and will always help you and put his best effort in.

Maria Adriana – Hove
United Kingdom

I met René at a networking event online where I saw his presentation on body language. I received mentoring from him which helped me get clear on my message and how I communicate it in a powerful and direct way. His expertise was helpful in getting straight to the point more quickly. I recommend René highly if you are looking for a holistic embodied no-nonsense total empowerment model.

Felix Fors – Bochum

Extremely high value – Lots of “aha” moments – Learned a lot about business, public speaking and greatness. 2 days of high energy and value, amazing people, location and food. Recommend this training, best training you can get!

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Paul Louis Hofmans – Dubai
United Arab Emirates

René and I go back a long way. As a professional, he clearly knows what he is doing, moreover, he excels in the trade. His consistency, optimism, enthusiasm, and know-how will also be an inspiration and motivation for you. A real must..., warmly recommended!

Wendi Mclean – Ashwellthorpe
United Kingdom

Hi Rene, I am so glad that I decided to take your two day Body Language course, it was like learning a new language; One that speaks to me without people knowing what they are saying. As a therapist it is such a valuable tool in understanding how people are really feeling. It has made me aware of my own body language especially when dealing with companies. I loved the way you made it real by connecting the stories to your teaching. You created a wonderful atmosphere will certainly be recommending the course to others.

Ellen Kooimans – Amsterdam

Very well prepared, beautiful presentation, workbook was very handy, amazing content.

Down to earth coaching – Very knowledgeable Coach – Great teaching and interaction – Lot of value!

Rudi Maes – Wilsele

I know René as a very honest and passionate man who gives his seminars and courses with a lot of love, humor and passion! For years I was looking forward to taking his Body Language course here in Belgium! Never regretted it for a second! It is unbelievable how much material and practice we have received and learned in one weekend! It's fantastic how you can see and read through someone's posture and micro-expressions in the face what isn't being said!

Dr. Sepehr Taverdian - CEO at Impacters Events & Hamayesh Farazan - Tehran - Iran

Hamayesh Farazan Company as the most predominant international event organizer in Iran has designed and executed more than 150 big international events within the last 15 years.

This company holds the most updated and largest required equipment for conferences such as sound and video devices, and simultaneous translation equipment which can thoroughly fulfill any conference needs.

Hi, I’m Dr. Sepehr Taverdian, CEO at Impacters Events & Hamayesh Farazan. René and I met in Amsterdam during a Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery Seminar in 2017. We had a great chat and moved on with our lives. It wasn't until April 2019 that I got a call from Mr Pat Mesiti from Australia. He wanted to introduce me to someone and to my surprise it was René. I asked René if he was able to be in Tehran Iran in August to deliver a Body Language Seminar. Long story short, René was here in Tehran in 2019 and 2020 and the testimonials we receive from the participants are amazing. We are definitely looking forward to our next collaboration.

Lipika Shah – Bengaluru

Rene, Master in Body Language with immense knowledge of Personal Development. I had an event with Rene, and let me mention this it was a great one, never tired of answering doubts or questions. It was an awesome experience with Rene. A very kind person, his sense of humor is great.

Pavel Verbnyak – Moscow

Rene is a very positive, passionate and intelligent person!

Thank you so much for the conversation, inspiration and your example, Rene!

Sylwia Piatek – Antwerpen

Great energy and I’ve learned a lot! Nice flow from basics into Body Language! Looking fwd to the next training!

Wim Calcoen – Ruddervoorde

To me, René has many facets.  He is a tremendously driven businessman. René is an excellent, inspiring coach. His methodology to commercial people, to bring them to a higher level is very efficient. René is a plus-value for each company and an investment that pays off in the short and long term!

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Andrew Roberts – Northampton
United Kingdom

Known Rene for several years and he is truly brilliant in the field of body language ad has even spoken at my events. Highly commend connecting and joining him.

Oswaldo Hernández – Amsterdam
The Netherlands

If you want to invest in yourself,  taking a training course with René is the most logical thing to do! Amazing material and excellent explanations. Everything flowed so smoothly. I HIGHLY recommend René to anyone and everyone who is interested in learning (more) about Body Language. Thank you so much René for this awesome opportunity!

Ann Van Hoecke

Great instructive 2 day course, given by Body Language expert René Deceuninck, about a universal, globally applicable and understandable language. Thank you René for the smooth explanation and conversation exercises, I have learned to interpret many attitudes, in order to communicate faster and more focused, in short, a training that I recommend to everyone!

João Rabaça Teixeira

With strong core values in the professional and personal levels, René is a strategic leader with strong soft skills. By being people oriented and always with a focus in the business, René has the advantage of developing motivated and goal-oriented teams. One of the most inspiring and focused leaders who I had the privilege to meet.

Kelvin Colbourn – Norwich
United Kingdom

Thanks René Deceuninck! An amazing workshop delivered with interaction, humor and great content, completely absorbed the whole time, thank you so much! This course, … it’s amazing, don’t hesitate and get signed up now!

Rita van der Pol – Berkenland
The Netherlands

I got to know René as an inspired man with an utmost positive attitude. He wants to pass this to others, he is the author of inspiration! Do you need that extra push? You came to the right place!

Nathalie Royer – Dilbeek

In life, there are people who “yo-yo” and people who take matters into their own hands and truly realize them. I encountered René at a seminar at the beginning of 2012. His progression since then is unstoppable, this owing to his positive aura and will power. His passion is infectious, inquisitive and full of conviction.

Anne-Marie Nobels – Edegem

Learned a lot, the origin and influence of body language, also mirroring and creating report with different kinds of people .. "aha" moment! Training was structured, clear, many photos that were used as examples. I definitely recommend this training. The time has flown by, René is an enthusiastic speaker who knows how to captivate his audience.

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Mastanee Ati – London
United Kingdom

René is one of the most beautiful souls you can meet in your life as a good friend, entrepreneur, coach and expert in body language. Another very important thing that stands out with him is his integrity, sense of humor and true care for people. In business he walks his talk and he delivers what he says. He has helped me in so many aspects in the last 6 years. Who ever get connected with him is really blessed. René, thank you for being you and such an inspiration and beautiful human being.

Gema Jiménez – Bassano del Grappa

It’s difficult to start a professional description of a person that first of all I consider a great person and a friend. René is one of those few persons who with you always feel “a sense of feeling” good, grateful and happiness. He is a very humble and nice person and a phenomenal leader with a variety of skill sets, he is a great communicator and a reference on professional field… it was so nice having a pizza together and a wonderful time at Garda Italy last year…the beginning of a long lasting friendship!

Dr. B. Fattahi – Tehran

To me it was a great experience how Body Language works in all human being. I got very much interested once I attended René Deceuninck’s Body Language workshop in Tehran. Now I pay more attention to it, once I need to understand the real outcome of discussions, meetings & even in my personal life. If you want to get your head clear about issues, challenges in your professional and personal life, where you need the answer, to chill or to move, you need to learn it, and do learn it well, René is the right person!

Geert Devloo – Langemark

I have learned to see what was previously little or not seen non-verbally among the entrepreneurs we work with. In this way we can respond even better to the wishes and needs of entrepreneurs. This allows us to tailor our solutions even better to our business partners. What I especially remember is the way you ask an emotional or rational question in combination with the interpretation of the micro-expressions… top training given by a master trainer!

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