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What's in it for you?

By discovering the secrets, knowledge and benefits you will:
• See what’s never being said, in meetings, sales and daily life.
• Raise your self-confidence and negotiate on a higher level.
• Understand clearly what is meant by what people say.
• Discover a lie versus the truth in less than a minute.
• Pull people towards you instead of pushing them away.

This Certified Training will provide you with essential skills for:
• Effective communication
• Relationship-building
• Professional success and...
• Securing your financial future! 

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Mastering Body Language will Enhance Your Leadership Skills and Build Great Relationships!

Leadership and Team Management


 1 - Commanding Presence

Use strong, confident body language to establish authority and gain respect from your team.

2 - Leading by Example

Demonstrate positive behaviors and attitudes through your body language to set the tone for your team.

3 - Clear Messaging

Ensure your body language aligns with your verbal messages to avoid misunderstandings.

4 - Active Listening

Show attentiveness through eye contact, nodding, and open posture, encouraging team members to communicate openly.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution


1 - Reading Counterparts

Identify non-verbal cues from the other party to understand their position and adjust your strategy accordingly.

2 - Projecting Confidence

Use assertive body language to project confidence, increasing your negotiating power.

3 - Early Detection

Recognize signs of tension or disagreement early through body language to address conflicts proactively.

4 - Defusing Situations

Use calm and open body language to de-escalate conflicts and facilitate constructive dialogue.

Client and Customer 


1 - First Impressions

Make a strong first impression with clients through confident and friendly body language.

2 - Establishing Connection

Use mirroring techniques to build rapport and make clients feel comfortable and understood.

3 - Engaging Presence

Use dynamic gestures and expressions to keep clients engaged and convey enthusiasm during presentations.

4 - Reading Client Reactions

Identify clients’ non-verbal signals to gauge their interest and adjust your pitch accordingly.

Research Studies have Demonstrated the Significant Impact of Body Language for Effective Leadership.

Leadership and Motivational  Effectiveness

Enhanced Leadership Presence:

According to a study by Harvard Business School, leaders who exhibit strong body language are perceived as more effective and competent, with 64% of respondents indicating that non-verbal communication has a significant impact on leadership perception.

Motivating Teams:

Research from MIT Sloan School of Management found that leaders who use positive body language, such as smiling and open gestures, see a 30% increase in employee engagement and motivation.

Team Dynamics and Communication

Improved Team Dynamics:

A study published in the Journal of Business and Psychology showed that managers who use open and inclusive body language reduce team conflicts by 40% and improve team cohesion by 35%.

Effective Communication:

According to Forbes, 93% of communication effectiveness is determined by non-verbal cues, highlighting the critical role of body language in conveying clear messages.

Negotiation and Client Relations

Increased Negotiation Success:

A research paper from Columbia Business School indicated that negotiators who maintain confident body language are 47% more likely to achieve favorable outcomes compared to those who do not. 

Better Client and Customer Relations:

The Customer Contact Council found that positive body language in customer interactions leads to a 20% increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Productivity and Operational Efficiency

Higher Productivity:

According to a report by Gallup, managers who use positive body language effectively see a 21% increase in team productivity.

Operational Efficiency:

Research from the American Management Association showed that leaders who use assertive and clear body language improve operational efficiency by 28%.

Talent Acquisition and Retention

Improved Talent Retention:

A study by Deloitte found that organizations with leaders who demonstrate supportive body language have 25% lower turnover rates.

Attracting Top Talent:

According to LinkedIn, 70% of job seekers are more likely to join a company where leaders display confident and welcoming body language during the interview process.

Stress Management and Work-Life Balance

Stress Reduction:

Research from the American Psychological Association found that leaders who practice relaxed body language techniques reduce their stress levels by 35%, leading to better work-life balance .

By attending the seminar:

You can expect to see similar improvements in these key areas, supported by these research findings and statistics. 

"Early Bird"
Only valid until July 12th 2024
£ 395 GBP

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Valid from July 12th till Sept. 12th
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Saturday & Sunday October 12th & 13th 2024

Yes! I Want to Join Communicate with Impact!

• Your Personalized Body Language Trainer Certificate and Workbook
• Your signed copy of René's latest book: "The ultimate Guide to Body Language"
• Lunch on Saturday & Sunday.
• During the 2 days, unlimited tea/coffee, water, and fruit.

• Only 30 seats available!
• Upon your booking confirmation: 
 - A Team member will contact you with specific details
 - An invoice can be provided,  this training is tax deductible 
• Overnight stay is available, do book in time!

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Hear What Past Attendees Have Said

Inspired by the energy, fun and especially the content!

I was honored to have René in Porto during one of my live events in 2017.

It was during that particular event that René released a lot of secrets and knowledge about an incredibly underrated and underestimated language called body language.

All participants were super impressed and inspired by the energy, fun and especially the content. René has added great value here in Portugal.
Ricardo Mendoza Portugal

I am so glad that I decided to take your two day Body Language course!


I'm so glad that I decided to take your 2 day Body Language course, it was like learning a new language. As a therapist it is such a valuable tool in understanding how people are really feeling. It has made me aware of my own body language when dealing with companies. I loved the way you made it real by connecting the stories to your teaching. I'll certainly be recommending the course to others.
Wendi Mclean - UK

His training contains useful tips & tricks and practical examples!


I have already attended 2x coaching and body language trainings by René.

He knows how to engage, inspire and motivate his audience. His training contains useful tips & tricks and practical examples.

René is an expert in his profession and his enthusiasm is simply contagious!

Rebecca Vilain – Belgium

His courses are engaging and very powerful!

People generally underestimate the power of body language, so I was fascinated to understand more through a short course with René.

His courses are engaging and very powerful, I learnt so much in a short space of time and René is certainly a leader at what he teaches.

I appreciate his follow up also, and the fact he responds to messages moving forward. A great experience and one I will look to take further in the near future!
Nick Hems - UK

Remember, you will discover an amazing 2 days full of techniques, insights and
exercises immediately applicable, with immediate results!
Yes! I Want to Join Communicate with Impact!

Your Host

René Deceuninck, Master in Body Language, motivational speaker, coach and trainer, runs an exclusive international company. Since 1995, René has been delivering enriching insights and results-oriented outcomes to his clients. He shared stages with Brian Tracy, Jairek Robbins, Jack Canfield and many other influential speakers.

René shared and delivered several seminars for:
• Neoma Business School Paris
• The Sustainable Salon Summit in Dallas TX USA
• Hamayesh Farazan Dubai
• PanPho Bangkok Thailand
• SR London, Singapore & Australia
• Amity University Delhi India
• Brookes University Oxford
• Thailand Image Academy Bangkok
• Brussels University Belgium 
• Companies all over the planet
René use to be hosting preview sessions for Anthony Robbins' UPW Event.
They all discovered and achieved new levels of consciousness and success!


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Yes! I Want to Join Communicate with Impact!

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We are just 20-minutes to London Heathrow, via the M4 motorway, and 20-minutes into central London - Clayton Hotel Chiswick - 626 Chiswick High Rd - Chiswick London W4 5RY 

"Early Bird"
Only valid until July 12th 2024
£ 395 GBP

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"Just in Time"
Valid from July 12th till Sept. 12th
£ 595 GBP

From July 12th fwd

"Actual Value"
Valid from Sept. 12th till Oct. 12th

£ 995 GBP

From Sept 12th fwd