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• August 16th 2021 • 

We all know the story of the cricket and the ant, right? Be prepared, autumn and winter are knocking at the back door.

Don’t fall back on anything besides your faith! Fall forward so you can see how you can hit that reward!

Convenience is a greater threat than hardship to your progress! Dreams without goals are just dreams and fuel disappointment!

The circle of life:

We were all born and went from baby to toddler, toddler to child. From then on, our journey from teenager to young adult began and we entered our maximum productive zone. What comes next is the Mid-life, we age, maybe end up in a retirement home to eventually leave the world again.

The circle of business:

DITTO! However... Apple's story is the same, only it goes like this: Apple was born in 1976 and went through their Mid-Life in 1997. Instead of aging and dying, Apple chose to be reborn. This happened in 1998 with the first iMac and the rest is history.

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