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• Sept 29th 2021 •

1) Ask questions:     

Discovering and applying Body Language and communication in general,
will generate much better results, via asking the right questions.

Which Questions? ... Open questions!
Start your question with: Why - What - How - Which - When - Where – Who

Why “Open” questions?
When an open question is asked, the person who answers should come up with a story. They can't answer Yes or No in 99% of all open questions.

Why Questions? 

- The answer will give you a story with a lot of information you can work with
- The other person will do the talking and that might generate an amount of significance 
- You will find out congruency or non-congruency between the verbal & non-verbal (discover a lie)
- You will find out how to create rapport, level and communicate on the same frequency
- You will gain time for your next question and finally wrap up
- The answer to your last question, concerning taking a decision, will be much more positive.

2) Define the basic character/color & start leveling (Picture 1)

3) Observe - observe & listen - observe, listen & ask questions (Picture 2) 

4) Discover where the eyes are going when asking your question (Picture 3)

5) 90% of communication is non-verbal and subconscious (Picture 4)
  #1 In verbal communication (7% is words), we consciously transfer 40 bits of data/sec.
  #2 However, in non-verbal communication (38% is intonation – 55% is Body Language),
       we subconsciously transfer 40 million bits of data/sec
  #3 Both are conducted and guided by the RAS - Reticular Activating System
        Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows! 

Example #1: Don’t think about a Pink Elephant! The RAS will immediately look for pictures of a Pink Elephant on the harddisk of your brain an find them!

Example #2: You decide to buy a new car and a week later you step into the dealership of a certain brand where you made the purchase. You are driving your old car on the highway and suddenly you see your new purchase driving around everywhere! 

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